Autumn in the mountains

Story behind the scene:
At the end of 2018 I took the CGMA class with Jeremy Huxley to learn more about vegetation for games. At job my tasks were focusing on this topic, so it was a huge help to get feedback from someone who a way more experienced "digital gardener" than I am. Also during the course I learnt a lot. Thanks for the support of Jeremy, my classmates and colleagues at Bigpoint. Helped me push my boundaries.
My inspiration for the scene came from my trip in South Korea a few years back when I was hiking with friends in 설악산 (Seoraksan) National Park. That is way you see a Korean style gate, ginko trees. I wanted to convey my feelings I felt while I was climbing in this scene and share my experience I got while I was visiting the country.
To finish the scene took a lot of hours, efforts. Many times I restarted many things to get this result. It was a tough climb, but I know it was worth it.

In 2020: Time passed, Corona came and to put in practice all the things I learnt in the last one year I did rework the scene. I got a lot of constructive feedback from the community of DiNusty Empire and Benno`s Game Artist Hangout which helped me to improve the scene even better.
Hope you enjoy the video and you like the new scene!

CGMA vegetation video (reboot)