Stumble Guys - Mr. Beast´s Warehouse

I had the opportunity to work on the Mr Beast´s Warehouse level as a Level Artist which was a collaboration between the well-known Youtuber Mr. Beast and Scopely who owns the Stumble Guys game.
As the only artist working on this level my main responsibilies were creating all the assets and assembling the level in Unity (including lighting). I had many inputs I had to keep in mind: keeping the style consistent with the rest of the Stumble Guys level, following concept art plus the level design direction and applying the feedbacks from the team of Mr. Beast and from the playtests. Moreover I also did LODs for the assets, set them up in engine including their collisions, created the waterfall effect, set up assets for animation and optimizing the whole level to make it playable on low-end mobile devices too. Managing all of this and deliver everything with the tight deadline was a challenge but Angelina Diez ( came to my aid who made the zeppelin and the skybox. Thanks to her I could spend more time polishing the level from art side.
Needless to say delivering this level in the game I could not have done alone. It was a huge team effort and involved many deparments (concept art, design, sound, vfx, coding, production, marketing, customer service). Hope you enjoy the level in the game!

Waterfall effect with a tileable texture (trail of the chocolate mixer is using the same texture/material)

Floating camera movement after setup

Playthrough of the level